Sex Positions & The Kamasutra

When it comes to sex, a lot of couples stick to a few basic positions and never experiment. The result is unsatisfying and unfulfilling sex that does not bring happiness. Therefore, it is important to keep on trying different things. To begin with, you could try different sex positions.

If you have heard about the Kama Sutra, you probably know where this discussion is headed to. In case you are not sure what the hell Kama Sutra is, then, let me tell you: Kama Sutra is an Ancient Indian book that talks about pleasures of life. It focuses on everything that is there to know about life, sex, love, seduction and betrayal. For now, we are going to focus on the sex part of the book.

The Twister Missionary is a great Face to Face Position

The Best Sex Positions

Let’s face the truth. How many sex positions do you imagine when you think about your partner, or anyone you would like to fuck? I bet not many. This is because you have never cared about learning the importance of different sex positions. The sad part is that this holds true for majority of the people, irrespective of the country and language. We only stick to our comfort zone and rarely venture into the wild side. This is where things with relationships go lose and we end up losing things that were once dear to us. Now, involving different sex positions in your relationship would help you rediscover the way you connect with the other human being. Not only will this keep the two of you close, it will keep things lively and keep you away from cheating.

Moreover, trying new things will produce sensations that were once alien to your body. For example, you could try a kink or a fetish. A lot of men have foot fetish but they never realize it or admit to it. Next time you are in your bed, rub your feet on his laps or dick and check for his reaction. Does he give in? If he does, congratulations, you just found out a thing that turns him on. Similarly, many women like to be tied, gagged and dominated. Be her sugar daddy and give her what her naughty ass deserves and you will be in a totally different self. To summarize, involving different things bring different pleasures and hence help you build a stronger bond with your partner.

Coming back to Kama Sutra, if you think you are ready to try on new things, it’s time to get a copy of the book and go through it. It talks about different sex positions and why and how some sex positions are better than the others. You could also research online and learn about sex positions that help you achieve things like deep penetration, clitoris stimulation, and what not!

There is no rocket science involved in understanding the importance of different sex positions. Just indulge in a few positions that you have never tried and you will realize the quality of fun and love you were missing from your life.


There are many fun variations to the Doggy Style position

Doggy style is the go-to sex position for numerous couples, and it’s not tough to understand why. For guys, it provides an unbelievable view and control over the speed and depth of penetration and for women, it’s a chance to give up the reins and just delight in the action, that includes great deals of the chance for G-spot stroking. No surprise it is among the most looked for sex positions, according to Google patterns.

But doggy style does have a representative as a position that does not provide much intimacy, which is something many women do not find as satisfying, says Morse. (Not to mention, it can harm if your partner goes too quick or unfathomable.) What’s more, there’s no clitoral stimulation, and women need more of that in every sex act.

With the most popular sex position, doggy style out of the method lets have a look at the origin of sexual spirituality and what has actually spurred on the entire motion of exploring sex positions. For this we need to return in time when Indian philosopher Vatsyayana was writing the text that would be called the Kama Sutra a couple of thousand years back, there’s no method he could have expected the impact his work would have on the world.

The Good Ol’ Kamasutra

A lot of people refer to it as the ‘Book of Love’. Is it really the book of LOVE? Maybe yes; if you are novice at sex or if you have found your soul mate and committed to them for life. However, if you have been fooling around and now looking for more adventurous positions, Kama Sutra can be the guide.

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian sex that talks about fulfilling sexual and erotic desires. However, it does not make it a sex manual! It is more on the lines of how to live your life and keep your mind and body happy. Contrary to popular belief, Kama Sutra is more than just sex positions. It talks about finding the right partner, connecting with them on emotional as well as physical grounds and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle while focusing on the pleasures of life.

Did I just blow your mind? I thought so. Here are a few more interesting facts about the book.

  • It is the oldest Hindu text on eroticism.
  • It is one of the few books that have made its way into the modern world without undergoing criticism or negative commentaries.
  • People from around the world love it for its approach on life and sex predominantly.
  • The book is written in the form of text and poetic verses making it a treat.
We have many Kamasutra positions in our butterfly section!


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